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Whether you want a well mannered, loyal family companion, a therapy dog or a canine athlete, the fundamental skills required are the same. Using a positive, dog friendly, training approach can help you build a lifelong relationship with your dog that is based on trust, understanding and communication.

Few dogs are brought to or returned to shelters because they refuse to sit on command. Some of the top reasons that dogs are surrendered to shelters are destructive chewing, jumping up and house soiling but these problems can be avoided.

Understanding about how dogs learn and discovering how to work with their natural inclinations rather than against them can help to make the integration of a dog into your household far easier.

At Sempre Fido we believe it's our job, using the latest information about canine behavior and learning theory, to help you and your family develop a safe, healthy and friendly relationship with your dog so both humans and canines can enjoy life together for many years.
To all my students, loyal and loving supporters and friends:

Life is changing once again and Sempre Fido must change with it.  Sadly, at least for the time being, I will no longer be offering any group classes.  I will still offer TDI and CGC testing.  I'll also be accepting special referrals for a FEW Private Lessons.

It's been an amazing, rewarding and fun time and I will always treasure the new dogs and people met and friends made.

It's been a difficult decision to make because of that fun and those friendships and I hope to be able to return to teaching and training in the future.

In the meantime, keep in touch.  I still want to hear about you and your dogs.  Feel free to e-mail with questions when you have them.

I'll miss you!
Warm Regards,
Sue Anderson Limeri